Communication & Media Commentaries

“Do you have a scholarly position on a topic of current concern in communication or media studies? I have agreed to stay on as the commentaries editor for the journal Communication, Culture & Critique under the new editor John Downing. My job is to round up short, thoughtful, even provocative pieces that take an informed position on issues related to communication and media. The journal reaches an international scholarly audience. Commentaries — which should be 2,000 words or less — are peer reviewed, just like full-length manuscripts. You should cite sources, of course, and include a reference list. I hope you will consider sharing your work with the journal, which is International Communication Association’s youngest publication. It was the outcome of many years’ lobbying by critical, international and feminist scholars for a “space of our own.” Please help to build its reputation with your work. You can learn more about the journal and how to prepare your manuscript at this site. When you submit your manuscript, be sure to indicate it’s for the “Commentaries, Crits & Notes” section.”

I can answer questions you might have.
Dr. Carolyn Byerly, professor
Howard University