CID Video Competition: What does Intercultural Dialogue Look Like?

CID Video CompetitionCID has organized its first ever video competition, open to students enrolled in any college or university during the 2017-2018 academic year.

WARNING: Please read the entry rules carefully! Several submissions have not met the requirements, and cannot be considered for a prize until they are revised. Make sure you submit a video file (not audio), that is between 30 seconds and 2 minutes (not 30 minutes!), with the last line “Intercultural dialogue looks like…” and upload it to the server provided (not to YouTube directly). Final deadline is May 31, 2018, at midnight (east coast US time).

NEW Clarification: When someone asks “Intercultural dialogue looks like…” in English, the “…” (read out loud as dot-dot-dot) means your job is to complete the sentence and include your answer as the last shot in the video. (So, “intercultural dialogue looks like a tiger, an ice cream cone, a braid, etc.” – choose whatever image makes sense given your video.) Please do NOT include the literal phrase “Intercultural dialogue looks like…” as the last shot in your video!

CID Video Competition

To enter, participants must submit a video no longer than 2 minutes that highlights the importance of intercultural dialogue, responding to the question: “What does intercultural dialogue look like?”

Entries will be accepted April 15-May 31, 2018.

One winner will receive a $200 prize. The top entries will be posted to the CID YouTube channel, and be highlighted on the CID website, along with posts describing the creators and highlighting each of their videos, throughout the rest of 2018.

Submissions will be evaluated based on originality, clarity, cultural message, effective use of technology, and overall impact. Feel free to work independently or in groups. Get creative, show off your skills and, most importantly, have fun!

To submit an entry, click here.

Video Competition FAQ

Competition Rules

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