CFP ABC: Diversity & Culture in Business Communication (USA)

ConferencesAssociation for Business Communication 2018 Annual Conference: Celebrating Diversity and Culture in Business Communication, October 24-27, 2018, Miami, Florida, USA. Deadline: April 30, 2018. 

With its culturally diverse history, the city of Miami encourages us to think about inclusion in ways that can enrich our lives and   work. As ABC members, a culturally diverse group ourselves, we are working hard to make our classrooms and workplaces more diverse, culturally inclusive, and ethical. Let us use this conference as a way to generate these important conversations in order to pave new paths to follow as we return to our home institutions.

We invite proposals addressing (but not limited to):

  • Creating a culturally inclusive environment for students and stakeholders
  • Developing diverse teaching tools used to better prepare students on topics in business communication
  • Using specific delivery modes, such as online classes, hybrid classes, and face-to-face classes, in innovative ways to serve students’ needs that contribute to retention and engagement
  • Addressing the effects of culture and diversity on ethics in the classroom and the workplace
  • Creating a balance between recognizing individual cultural identity and promoting best business practices in a multicultural environment
  • Responding to challenges created by diversity and cultural (mis)understanding(s)
  • Devising cutting-edge approaches and strategies to shape and expand business communication and teaching
  • Designing and/or responding to innovative and emerging trends in the use of technology and visual communication