Beall’s List of Predatory Publishers 2017

Jeffrey Beall, a librarian at the University of Colorado, Denver, maintains a list of potential, possible, or probable predatory scholarly open-access publishers. This is particularly important for new scholars who are not yet familiar with all the journals in their area and could inadvertently get caught in the net. He also maintains a list of journals publishing misleading metrics, naming companies that “calculate” and publish counterfeit impact factors (or some similar measure) to publishers, metrics the publishers then use in their websites and spam email to trick scholars into thinking their journals have legitimate impact factors. Finally, he is now maintaining a list of hijacked journals, those for which someone has created a counterfeit website, stealing the journal’s identity and soliciting articles submissions using the author-pays model (gold open-access).

As explained by Inside Higher Ed, Beall’s List was shut down as of January 15, 2017, after this post was created, reportedly in response to “threats and politics.” However, a cached version of predatory publishers is still available, as are a cached version of the standalone journals, and a cached version of the hijacked journals.