CFP Internet-Infused Romantic Interactions (Turkey)

Publication OpportunitiesCall for chapters: Internet-Infused Romantic Interactions and Dating Practices. Under Contract with: Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam (Expected publication date – Summer 2018). Proposal deadline: April 15, 2018.

Editors: Prof. Amir Hetsroni, College of Social Sciences and Humanities – Koç University, Istanbul, Turkey, and Meriç Tuncez, Graduate School of Social Sciences and Humanities – Koç University, Istanbul, Turkey.

An interdisciplinary book titled Internet-Infused Romantic Interactions and Dating Practices, under contract with the publishing house of the Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam, aims to analyze intricacies of internet-infused romantic interactions and dating practices. The proposed collection aims to include contributions from communication scholars, social scientists, computer scientists, humanities scholars and design experts whose research and practice will shed light on the romantic interplay of affect, cognition, and behavior on the internet with special attention given to social media platforms such as Tinder, Facebook, Grinder, and OkCupid. The collection would aim to offer an array of international perspectives and methodological novelties and feature a volume of scientific research and practice from a multitude of disciplines and interdisciplinary outlooks.

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Advertising and Reality CFP

Call for Papers: Additional Chapters in a Book on Advertising and Reality
Title: Advertising and Reality: A Global Look on Life in Commercials
Under Contract with: Continuum (Expected Publication Date – Fall 2012)
Editor: Amir Hetsroni (School of Communication – Ariel University Center, Israel).

This book, under contract with Continuum, which aims to offer an extensive peak at the way our life is represented in advertising, has recently received from the publisher space allotment for additional chapters. Therefore, a call is made here to mass media scholars, advertising researchers, marketing experts and social science academics from all over the world to offer contributions that shed light on some of the ways human life is represented in commercials.

Specifically, chapters are needed in the following areas:
*       Families in advertising
*       Children in advertising
*       Work and leisure in advertising
*       Health, diseases, disabilities and death in advertising
*       Eating, drinking, food and body figure in advertisements
*       Theoretical accounts of reality representation in advertising: Application of schools such as cultivation, priming etc.

If you like to submit a chapter on an area that is not listed – please contact the editor. However, as a rule of thumb, chapters are not needed in most of the other areas. Particularly, we do not seek entries on gender, sexuality, violence, ageing, minorities, fame and attire – since contributions on these topics have already been accepted.

The viewpoint of the collection is social-scientific. This means that empirical studies and reviews of empirical studies (content analysis, reception/effects studies) are welcome. Theoretical papers are acceptable provided they are positivistic in the manner of knowledge pursual. Solely polemic-critical texts and purely qualitative manuscripts that rely on small non-representative samples will not be considered.

The deadline for extended abstract submission (three to four pages long) is: September 20th, 2011.
The abstract should consist of a purpose statement for the proposed paper, theoretical framework(s), method(s) of analysis, major findings (of previous studies) and expected results (for new studies), scholarly contribution, public appeal/applied implications (if existing) and a short biographical sketch of the author(s).

Notification of acceptance/rejection and invitations to submit complete papers (6,000 to 10,000 words, APA style) will be made on or before October 1st , 2011.

The complete papers’ due date is November 15th , 2011.

Requests for revisions will be sent no later than November 31st 2011 and the revisions will have to be completed until December 20th 2011. The book will be sent to the publisher (in compliance with the contract) no later than last day of 2011 in order to be out in print by the fall of 2012.

We are aware of the fact that the schedule is tight, but since we have space for no more than two or three additional papers – we will be able to be attentive and give a lot of guidance to the contributors.

Please send submissions, inquires and proposals to:
Professor Amir Hetsroni
School of Communication
Ariel University Center, Israel
Tel. 972-54-3231616 ; Fax. 972-8-9286602

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