Check Out Our New Brochure!

About CIDExciting news: Our new brochure is now available! Check it out to learn more about the Center for Intercultural Dialogue and don’t forget to share it with anyone who might be interested in our work!



UPDATE: The CID brochure has been updated since this post – the current version is available as a PDF here.

CID Welcomes the New Assistant to the Director

CID has recently welcomed Minh Cao, a graduate student in Communication at Villanova University, as the Assistant to the Director of the Center. Minh is currently in the second year of her academic program, working on her Master’s dissertation while assisting the Director with website content management. She is excited to be part of the project, especially when her personal and academic backgrounds show great connections to the work of the Center.

Minh grew up in Hanoi, Vietnam, where she spent 18 years before embarking on her academic journeys in the U.S. Having vastly enjoyed her conversation with one of the Villanova’s ambassadors who was at a college fair in Vietnam, Minh decided to pursue her undergraduate degree at Villanova University. She chose Global Interdisciplinary Studies (GIS) as her major, the name of which often causes inquiring looks from others. One can simply understand GIS as the studies of a perspective that embodies interrelating disciplines in regarding, comprehending and accessing global matters. GIS has, in many ways, complimented Minh’s academic endeavor in Communication, as the latter turns out to have much of the same nature as her previous degree.

Minh looks forward to contributing to CID and hopes that she can provide additional help in fostering the mission of the Center.

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