Musser Fund Grants for Intercultural Harmony 2021 (USA)

Intercultural Harmony Initiative, Laura Jane Musser Fund. Deadline:  October 15, 2021.


Through the Intercultural Harmony Initiative, the Laura Jane Musser Fund supports projects that promote mutual understanding and cooperation between groups of community members of different cultural backgrounds. Project planning grants up to $5,000 or implementation grants up to $25,000 will be considered.

Priority is placed on projects that include members of various cultural communities working together on projects with common goals; build positive relationships across cultural lines; engender intercultural harmony, tolerance, understanding, and respect; and enhance intercultural communication, rather than cultural isolation, while at the same time honoring the unique qualities of each culture.

NOTE: The geographic areas for this initiative are only Colorado, Hawaii, Minnesota, Wyoming, and limited counties in New York and Texas

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