CFP Language Conflict in Educational Settings

“PublicationCall for Chapters: The Impacts of Language Conflict in Educational Settings. Editors: Yliana V. Rodríguez & Adolfo Elizaincín. Deadline for expressions of interest only: August 1, 2021.

One of the many intriguing aspects of contact linguistics is conflict. Although language conflict between ethnic groups is sometimes wrongly perceived as political, economic or sociological in nature, it actually tends to result from language contact. Such conflicts negatively impact educational settings. How education can be used to settle language conflict has been documented to some extent. However, how language conflict interferes in the educational spheres has received much less attention.

For this purpose, the co-editors seek manuscripts looking into conflict linguistics in educational settings. Specifically, they are interested in manuscripts that address one or more of the framing questions listed in the call itself. Researchers interested in contributing to the volume are invited to submit chapter summaries of up to 1000 words for a chapter of 7000-9000 words. The summary should include your research question(s), theoretical and methodological frameworks, findings, and implications for future research.

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