CFP PR in the Middle East

Publication OpportunitiesCall for Manuscripts: Special issue of Journal of Public Relations Research: Public Relations in the Middle East. Guest Co-editors: Ganga Dhanesh and Gaelle Duthler. Deadline: December 1, 2018.

The Journal of Public Relations Research invites submissions for a special issue on public relations in the Middle East. Although origins of public relations can be traced to ancient times in regions across the world, its academic study has been associated with twentieth century U.S.A. Ethnocentricity characterizes much of public relations theorizing, which does not capture the broader gamut of the global enactment of public relations.

This call for papers situates research in a non-Euro-American context and aims to offer richly textured, contextual understandings of public relations in the Middle East. A region steeped in history; one that gave the world its first system of writing; the cradle of three world religions; producer of a substantial share of world oil, the Middle East in recent times has gripped the world’s attention not only with issues of grave importance in conflict-ridden countries but also with transformative economic growth, especially in countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council such as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Significant differences among countries in the region in terms of political, social, economic, legal, cultural and media milieus imply the need to examine specific contextual factors that could impact the practice of public relations in the region, a need this special issue aims to address. Under the broad umbrella of the topic could be included theoretical essays and theory-driven empirical manuscripts that challenge, elaborate, redefine, or re-examine any concept related to the practice of public relations in the Middle East. We welcome approaches from varied theoretical traditions and methodologies. However, descriptive papers are discouraged, and priority will be given to manuscripts that create, test, refine or expand theory in public relations.

Manuscript and Technical Requirements

-Content shall further the Journal’s primary purpose, which is to create, test, refine or expand theory in public relations. Authors should explicitly articulate how their scholarship serves the purpose of the journal.

-Content shall reflect the highest standards of scholarship, regardless of the research methods used.

-Manuscripts shall be submitted in APA style and edited to the highest standards of English-language grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, word usage, etc.

-Manuscripts shall conform to the Journal’s standard limit of 20 pages of text (not including references, figures, tables). Manuscripts that exceed the standard page limit may be considered if the authors (a) justify the manuscript length in their cover letter; (b) report qualitative and/or historical data; and (c) keep to a reasonable length appropriate for the nature of the research method and the subject studied.

-Authors shall take care to indicate in the online manuscript submission system that their submission is, in fact, intended for the special issue on Public Relations in the Middle East. Failure to make this indication (in the cover letter AND in the appropriate selection box) will lead to the manuscript being entered into the Journal’s regular review process, rather than the special issue process.

Important Dates
-Initial manuscript submissions due from authors: December 1, 2018:
– Decisions announced to authors: March 15, 2019:
-Final manuscripts due from authors for publication: May 15, 2019:
-Publication of special issue: October 2019:

Questions? Email Ganga Dhanesh or Gaelle Duthler.

Author: Center for Intercultural Dialogue

Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz, the Director of the Center for Intercultural Dialogue, manages this website.

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