CFP Migration Identity & Belonging

Publication OpportunitiesThis call is for chapter proposals for a book that is under contract with Routledge, titled Migration, Identity, and Belonging: Defining Borders and Boundaries of the Homeland, edited by Kumarini Silva and Margaret Franz. Deadline for 750-word proposals: March 1, 2018.

Final selection decisions will be made by April 2018. Final essays (of 3500-5000 including references and notes) are due November 2018.

For proposal submissions or queries: Kumarini Silva, and Margaret Franz,

The resurgence of virulent nationalism in the US and Western Europe, the expulsion of the Rohinga from Myanmar, and the perpetual containment of refugees off the coast of Christmas Island remind us that even as commodities and capital move relatively seamlessly through national boundaries, people do not. In fact, scholars ranging from Aiwha Ong, Gloria Anzaldúa, Etiènne Balibar, and Robert DeChaine, show that the boundaries and borders defining who belongs and who does not proliferate in the age of globalization although they may not coincide with national jurisdictions. This is because the border is at once material and symbolic, crystallizing how belonging is mediated by material relations of power, capital, and circuits of communication technology on the one side and representations of identity, nation, and homeland on the other. This edited collection of essays asks how these boundaries are made and sustained. How do you know when you belong to a country? What kinds of feelings, schemes of representation, media ecologies, and material conditions link body and nation? In other words, when is the nation-state a homeland? We seek chapters that attend to these questions through the prism of borders, boundaries, and borderlands.  You can direct your proposal to the general theme, or to one of the following sections:

I. Territories, Sovereignties, and Legal Geographies

II. Mediated Circuits of Belonging

III. Narrating Families, Narrating Homelands

Author: Center for Intercultural Dialogue

Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz, the Director of the Center for Intercultural Dialogue, manages this website.

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