Global Lessons, Rhymed Reflections

“PoetryFrancisco Gomes de Matos (a peace linguist, professor emeritus of Linguistics, Federal University of Pernambuco  and president of the Board, ABA Global Education, Recife, Brazil) has created dozens of posters related to peace education, nonviolence, conflict resolution, and related themes, in both English and Portuguese.  (CID has previously published his Cross-cultural Dignity Poem). He feels that “posters can play more than an artistic role / when created to deeply value the human soul.”

One of his posters is included here to provide an example.

Communicate Peacefully

Asked to write about the reasons for creating these posters, Gomes de Matos answered with a poem:

“Posters can have more than  artistic  or business-advertising aims
when they are  created to enhance  intercultural, communicative aims.
When designed and used for  diverse pedagogical purposes
posters become powerful motivators and  creativity generators.
I first used posters to  communicate alliteratively about  PEACE
then decided  to make them a permanent challenge  in my creative agenda.
I believe that  in Second Language Pedagogy, the production of posters should be integrated
so that  multilingually/interculturally, with the aid of  Poster Literacy, millions can be  educated.”
Asked about how he first started creating these posters led to further details:
“My first poster  was created for PEACE AND CONFLICT. Journal of PEACE PSYCHOLOGY. The poster was requested  by the then  journal editor, Milton Schwebel, Rutgers University. The poster, entitled  ABCs of PEACE for children and other peace promoting people, was published  in 2000 as a journal  insert! Given the positive feedback received on that poster, some years later I decided to  probe POSTER MAKING. I have also created posters in Portuguese. One of my posters, THE RIGHT TO PEACE was launched in Geneva on International Day of Peace, at Palais des Nations. You might like to know that  most of my posters in English have been  put together (in 10 thematic categories) as an e-book  entitled  Rhymed Reflections. A Forest of Ideas/Ideals in 2017.”
I hope that others find these posters as interesting as I do.
Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz, Director
Center for Intercultural Dialogue


Author: Center for Intercultural Dialogue

Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz, the Director of the Center for Intercultural Dialogue, manages this website.

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