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Call for Guest Editing Proposals – Journal of Hate Studies

The Journal of Hate Studies, published by Gonzaga University’s Institute for Hate Studies, is currently seeking proposals for a guest-edited, themed issue to be published in Fall 2017.

The Institute for Hate Studies’ mission, in alignment with Gonzaga University’s Jesuit identity, involves undertaking activities aimed at promoting reconciliation and overcoming hate. The Journal is peer-reviewed and publishes interdisciplinary work that scrutinizes the roots and prevalence of hate in the contemporary world. First established in the year 2001 and credited with publishing foundational work within the field of Hate Studies, the Journal has international distribution and welcomes contributions from various disciplines. Articles published in the journal examine hate in any of its manifestations (e.g. racism, misogyny, antisemitism, homophobia, religious intolerance, ethnic violence, anti-immigrant animus); consider how hate is institutionalized, maintained, or perpetrated through culture, organizations, policies, politics, media, discourses, and epistemologies; and develop, adapt, or refine the methods used for understanding or overcoming hate.

For its 2017 issue, the Journal seeks proposals that address a particular theme, which may be approached using different theoretical frameworks or methodologies. Possible themes include, but are not limited to:
– Hate and politics.
– Race and violence.
– Immigration and hostility.
– Digital technologies and hate.
– Bullying and anti-bullying campaigns.
– Hate speech.
– Hate and international conflicts.
– Intercultural violence and hate.
– Hate and trauma.
– Covert and subtle forms of hate.
– Campaigns and strategies to confront hate.
– Hate in global and transnational contexts.
– Hate, civil society, and social movements.
– Hate and the media.
– Hate in historical contexts.

To submit a proposal, please send a 1,500-word rationale explaining the theme and outlining the scope of the guest-edited issue, listing possible subtopics to be addressed, and indicating possible peer-reviewers. Please attach a short bio listing relevant publications and editing experience. The deadline for submissions is November 14, 2016.

The guest editor will be appointed by the Journal’s Editorial Board and will be expected to oversee the preparation of the 2017 issue of the Journal, recommending articles, working with contributors and peer-reviewers, and communicating with the Editorial Board.

For inquiries, please contact Dr. Kristine Hoover, Director of the Institute for Hate Studies (e-mail: hoover[at] or Dr. Claudia Bucciferro, Chair of the Editorial Board (e-mail: bucciferro[at] Please submit your proposal through the Journal’s website or send it directly to bucciferro[at]

Author: Center for Intercultural Dialogue

Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz, the Director of the Center for Intercultural Dialogue, manages this website.

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