CFP ICA 2016 Preconference: Communicating with New Power Blocs (Japan)

Call for proposals
ICA 2016 Pre-conference, Tokyo, Japan
Communicating with New Power Blocs: Culture and Ethics in BRICS Media
Aoyama Gakuin University, Tokyo, Japan
8 June 2016, Wednesday, 9am-5pm

Deadline for submissions: February 5, 2016

Sudeshna Roy (Stephen F. Austin state University, USA)
Daya Thussu (University of Westminster)
Herman Wasserman (University of Cape Town)

Co-sponsoring ICA Divisions:
Ethnicity and Race in Communication; Global Communication and Social Change
Additional ICA Division Affiliations: Communication Law and Policy; Journalism Studies

The influence and relevance of BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) countries are being increasing felt in the global media arena, as has been evident in recent international news coverage of events in the member countries, such as Chinese moves to devalue their currency and the state visits abroad of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to court the Indian diaspora. Russia is in the news too with its military intervention in Syria and the continuing conflict in Ukraine; Brazil’s corruption scandal around petroleum giant Petrobas is making waves well beyond South America, and South Africa is grappling with political conflict and economic inequality, resulting in clashes such as the xenophobic attacks on foreigners. While the concept of BRICS is problematic in that they are very different countries both in terms of the size of their economies, and political and media systems, nevertheless they have in common a rapid and globalized growth in their media systems.

To what extent BRICS media have the power to shape media agendas and change dominant narratives about the global South? How are cultures and identities being represented in BRICS media? What changes are being experienced in the ethics of media institutions and their processes? What changes are taking place in notions of journalism in these countries? What place do ethnic media have in these countries? In an age of ultimate internet connectivity, in what ways are salience, potency and power of BRICS media being felt in social and cultural realm of BRICS countries and beyond? In light of the linkages between BRICS media and their power to shape, change, and influence cultures, politics, ethics and values not only in the respective BRICS countries but in regions around the world, this preconference aims to bring together scholars to explore the potential for BRICS media to offer new perspectives on media in Asia – also among major non-BRICS countries such as Japan and South Korea – as well as in a global context.

The invited panels will address the intersections of power, politics and ethics in media production, in keeping with the ICA 2016 theme of ‘Communicating with Power’. Panels will additionally address the increasing commercialization of media in the BRICS countries and how that impacts on journalism ethics and examine the role of censorship, visible in key BRICS nations – Russia and China – but also in democratic nations such as India.

The preconference will begin with an overview discussion of the ways in which BRICS media have grown in the past decade and what kinds of cultural, ethical, and power issues are arising from this growth. The following two invited panels will present and discuss scholarship that specifically engages with: ideology, culture, politics and identity representation in BRICS media; and ethics and journalism concerns at the media institutional and social levels. The final session will consist of concurrent roundtables on the media of each of the BRICS countries that will focus on an awareness of the different models of journalism, the tensions between them and the implications of each form as well as discuss the potential of other types of networks that are emerging in BRICS countries, networks that are outside the government control. Invited keynote speakers will feature scholars of BRICS media and, specifically, scholars from Japan and other Asian countries who have the opportunity to attend this year’s ICA taking place in Fukuoka, Japan.

Submissions for participation in the pre-conference should include a brief biographical sketch (50 word) and a 200-word statement describing specific strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats being demonstrated/ faced by BRICS media; and specific ways in which BRICS media can leverage their non-Euro-Atlantic origins and redress power imbalances in existing international institutions and structures. Organizers will identify areas of shared interest in submissions to organize breakout groups for the concurrent roundtable discussions. Scholars at all stages of their careers are encouraged to apply. All proposals must be emailed to Sudeshna Roy. The deadline for submissions is February 5, 2016. Submissions will be judged on relevance, originality, and fit with the preconference theme. Notifications of acceptance will be emailed by end of February 2016.

Cost of registration and attendance:
$65 per person for ICA full members who are not students
$40 per person for students
A limited number of fee waivers are available. To request a waiver,
please include a statement of your specific need in your proposal.

Author: Center for Intercultural Dialogue

Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz, the Director of the Center for Intercultural Dialogue, manages this website.

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