CFP Discourses and Societies on the Move (Portugal)

Call for proposals
2nd International EDiSo Symposium: Discourses and Societies on the Move
Coimbra, Portugal, 18-20 June 2015

The call for papers for the different  work sessions in the  2nd International EDiSo  Symposium is now open. You are invited to send your individual proposals for the different thematic panels,  independent proposals, proposals for participation in  data analysis workshops, or for  poster presentations. If you belong to a research group, you can still participate in our roundtables for research groups.

Please note! The language used to describe each session does not condition the language used in the presentations. We accept proposals in any EDiSo language.

Papers in Thematic Panels [“Painéis Temáticos” , PT]: Designed for senior or junior researchers interested in presenting their research outcomes and exchanging ideas with colleagues who hold similar interests. These proposals will need to specify the panel they would like to be included in.  Please select your panel here.

Individual Papers [“Comunicações Livres” , CL]: Designed for senior or junior researchers interested in presenting their research outcomes. If you consider that your research does not fit into any of the thematic panels proposed, you may still present your work as an individual paper.

Participation in Data Analysis Workshops [“Oficinas de Análise de Dados” , OAD]: Designed mainly for junior researchers or those with research in progress who wish to participate in practical sessions about research methodology and to obtain feedback on their work.  Please select your data analysis workshop here.

Posters: Designed for sharing research results, research in progress, or studies in the early stages that could benefit from open discussion with other researchers. More information here.

Roundtables for research groups: following the conversation started at the  1st EDiSo Symposium in Seville (2014), the goal is basically to present and discuss research perspectives, share tasks, viewpoints… with the goal of creating synergies and opportunities for collaboration.  Please take a look at the roundtable topics here.

The deadline for proposal submissions is March 15th 2015.

EDiSo has a small budget available to  partially cover some travel and lodging costs. If you are a graduate student and have not secured funding from other sources, please specify this in your registration form, and please include in your email a statement indicating that you would like to be considered for this grant, which will be awarded through a lottery process. This information will not affect the evaluation of your proposal.

Information on the submission of proposals here.

For further details, send an email to the organizers.

Author: Center for Intercultural Dialogue

Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz, the Director of the Center for Intercultural Dialogue, manages this website.

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