CFP Communication as a Discipline & as a Field (Moscow)

Call for papers
Communication as a Discipline and as a Field: Sharing Experiences to Construct a Dialogue
July 9-11, 2015
Moscow, Russia
Sponsored by National Research University Higher School of Economics and National Communication Association

Defining and reflecting upon the development of communication as a discipline and as a field has been on the communication researchers’ agenda for about 50 years; however, there still is no clear agreement among communication scholars about the scope and development vector for this field of study and practice. There still are a lot of disagreements on the nature of communication discipline, including subject area, theoretical and methodological base, etc. Moreover, little is known about the specifics of development of communication discipline in the countries other than the leaders in the field. Multiple communication associations and international conventions have raised the issue of communication as a discipline, taking theoretical, regional, historical, institutional, and other perspectives. Finally, communication is a must-have part of many universities’ curricula and one of the most wanted skills and specializations in contemporary service and information job fields. The conference organized by the Department of Integrated Communications at Higher School of Economics in Moscow is aimed at bringing together once more different voices from communication scholarship in order to advance constructing a conceptual map of communication discipline and field in various parts of the globe and thereby further our understanding of the primary role of communication in modern society. We invite you to share your perspectives on the essential questions of the nature of communication as a discipline and as a field.

We welcome conceptual papers as well as comparative and empirical studies on the topic of the state and shape of communication discipline and field around the world. We also intend to welcome studies on the interdisciplinary aspects of communication and the changing disciplinary landscape with the growing power of new media. Possible presentation topics may include, but not limited to:
* Communication discipline: Regional and national perspectives
* Interdisciplinary nature of communication
* Approaches to studying and researching communication
* Communication discipline: the need for intercultural and cross-national dialogue
* National paradigms in communication research
* Communication as transmission of messages and co-production of meanings
* The role of new media in transformation of communication discipline
* Communication competencies in training modern professionals: a business-oriented approach
* Communication education: challenges, needs, and opportunities
* The map of communication journals: opportunities and constraints

Please submit your extended abstracts from November 2014 to March 2015 by sending an email to or by using a submission form provided on the conference website.

The participants will be informed on the decision in early April 2015. Full papers should be submitted by May 2015.

The registration process will be opened in May 2015 to allow us time to get visa assistance paperwork done.

To submit your paper or ask further questions about the conference or the Department of Integrated Communications please email Alexandra Endaltseva, International Academic Projects Coordinator, Lecturer at or fill out a form on the conference website

Author: Center for Intercultural Dialogue

Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz, the Director of the Center for Intercultural Dialogue, manages this website.

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