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Editor Maria Brann (West Virginia University) is seeking case study chapters for the second edition of Contemporary Case Studies in Health Communication: Theoretical & Applied Approaches to be published by Kendall-Hunt. Like the first edition, the goal of this book is to provide scholars with an interactive pedagogical tool to showcase relevant and timely cases germane to health communication in a variety of contexts. Cases must present a clear narrative juxtaposing academic and lay writing styles of how the case has impacted (or could impact) someone’s life. Only the following topics will be considered to supplement existing cases:

1.       Technology and its impact on health and/or health care (e.g., telemedicine, eHealth, mHealth)
2.       Public health concerns with interpersonal effects (particularly interested in how policy [e.g., Affordable Care Act] and/or media influences health)
3.       Organizational health issues (e.g., interprofessional communication, ethics, training, hierarchies, culture, alternative approaches to care)
4.       Patient diversity (specifically related to religion, sex or gender, race, sexual orientation, age, or culture)

Chapter Guidelines:
1.       Provide a title page with contact information for all authors in a separate file to ensure masked review. You must also include which area listed above is examined.
2.       Provide a 11.5-16 page, double-spaced manuscript including a 150-200 word abstract, ~5 keywords/phrases, bibliography, and 5-6 discussion questions. Use APA 6th edition with the exception of dois. The preceding pagination range does NOT include the case’s conclusion or test questions, which will ONLY be available online.
3.       Provide a case conclusion that will be available to instructors online to share with students about the authors’ preferred conclusion after the class has had an opportunity to discuss alternative conclusions (this should wrap up the case and analyze the case based on the concepts discussed in the chapter). Additionally, this file should also contain 2 essay questions and 10 multiple choice questions (each featuring five choices, avoiding the use of “all of the above” options) following the conclusion.
4.       Please submit only one case per lead author.

Submission Procedures:
1.       E-mail three separate Word attachments (as detailed above) to editorial assistant Hannah Ball by no later than December 16, 2013.

If you have any questions about the case study book or chapter submission requirements, please contact editor Maria Brann or editorial assistant Hannah Ball.


Author: Center for Intercultural Dialogue

Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz, the Director of the Center for Intercultural Dialogue, manages this website.

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