CMM Institute Fellows 2013/14

Fellows Program 2013/2014
A Partnership among Villanova University, Fielding Graduate University, and the CMM Institute for Personal and Social Evolution

Topic:  Using the “communication perspective” and CMM for
understanding our lives lived in new media.

Communication is a generative force in the construction of social worlds. In the 21st Century these social worlds are increasingly created within a mediated landscape. These new media include a variety of digital platforms, experienced via a range of devices that offer on-demand access to content, interactive user feedback, creative participation, mobile community formation around specific content issues, and the real-time generation of new unregulated content. The new media, in fact, appear to offer it all and substantial claims have been made about their capacity to contribute to and enhance our contemporary social life.

In this year’s call for Fellows, we seek proposals that take a communication perspective and use the lens of CMM to further our understanding of lives lived in new media and, in particular, address the issue of how new media impacts our capacity to make and engage in social worlds.

Proposals that focus on any of the various types of new media are welcome. These new media can include web-hosted social sites like facebook, mobile supported technology applications like twitter, or the range of different media hosted sites for citizen engagement and democratic participation activities.

We particularly encourage proposals that can demonstrate the practical import of a communication perspective and that enrich our understanding of the value of using CMM to understand the new media context and the types of social worlds these new media are helping to make and foster.

Application Process:  Applications can be downloaded using the “Letter of Intent” form on the CMM Institute website  Applications are due by Friday, November 1, 2013.   Applicants will be notified the week of January 5, 2014.

If you are invited to become a CMM Fellow for 2014, you will be asked to present your work and engage participants in your topic area at the 2014 CMM Learning Exchange in October, 2014 (specific dates and location to be determined).  The three partnering institutions will also post your work on our respective websites. The three institutions will conduct a blind review process and select 3 Fellows for 2014.  Each Fellow will receive a cash award of $2500.00 and will have your travels expenses to the 2014 Learning Exchange paid for.

Download relevant files here:

For more information, contact Kim Pearce.

– See more details here.

Author: Center for Intercultural Dialogue

Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz, the Director of the Center for Intercultural Dialogue, manages this website.

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