Books available for review

The following books are available for review at the Journal of Language and Social Psychology.  If you are interested in reviewing, please email the book review editor (Jake Harwood:, including brief indication of which book(s) you wish to review, any relevant qualifications/conflicts of interest, and a mailing address. A copy of the book is provided, and reviews are expected within 3 months of receipt of the book.

Language and sexism (Mills) — Cambridge
A history of communications (Poe) — Cambridge
Emotions in multiple languages (Dewaele) — Palgrave
Anti- and Pro-Social Communication (Kinney & Porhola) — Lang
Cultural processes (Leung et al.) — Cambridge
Conversation and gender (Speer and Stokoe) — Cambridge
English around the world (Schneider) — Cambridge
Dialogue: The mixed game (Weigand) – Benjamins
Social psychology and discourse (McKinlay & McVittie) — Wiley
Variation in indigenous minority languages (Stanford & Preston) — Benjamins
Clinical pragmatics (Cummings) — Cambridge
Sign languages (Brentari) — Cambridge
The social psychology of English as a global language (McKenzie) — Springer
Language, migration, and identity (Goebel) – Cambridge
Investigation in sociohistorical linguistics (Trudgill) — Cambridge
The language of statutes (Solan) – Chicago
Language, gender, and sexual identity (Motschenbacher) — Benjamins
Motivation and second language acquisition (Gardner) — Lang
Predicative minds (Bogdan) – MIT Press
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Author: Center for Intercultural Dialogue

Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz, the Director of the Center for Intercultural Dialogue, manages this website.

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