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Academy for Cultural Diplomacy (based in Europe, but emphasizes events for Central Asia)
Asia-Europe Foundation (Singapore)
Center for Social Integrity (Myanmar)
Centre for Intercultural Studies and Dialogue, Manipal Academy of Higher Education (Manipal, India)
Centre For Peace & Conflict Studies (Siem Reap, Cambodia)
Dhanak support group for interfaith/intercaste marriages (New Delhi, India)
Initiatives for International Dialogue (Davao City, Philippines)
Inter Cultural Dialogue and Exchange (Bangalore, India)
Interfaith Foundation India (New Delhi, India)
International Centre for the Rapprochement of Cultures (Almaty, Kazakhstan)
Japan Intercultural Institute (Tokyo, Japan)
Japan Outreach Initiative of the Laurasian Institution (Tokyo, Japan; and Seattle, New York, USA)
Mindanao Peacebuilding Institute (Davao City, Philippines)
Peace Boat (Shinjuku, Japan)
Projek Dialog (Malaysia)
UNESCO/Cardinal Paul Poupard Foundation Chair on Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue (St Andrew’s College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Mumbai, India)
UNESCO Chair for Peace and Intercultural Understanding (Malaviya Centre for Peace Research, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India)
UNESCO Chair on Peace Studies (Nanjing University, Nanjing, China)
UNESCO Chair on Social Practices in Intercultural Communication and Social Cohesion (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Bangi, Malaysia)
Yuvsatta: Youth for Peace (Chandigarh, India)
Ziegenbalg House Tharangambadi – A Museum on Intercultural Dialogue (Tharangambadi, India)

Information about other Centers and Organizations:
Centers and Organizations: Africa
Centers and Organizations: Europe
Centers and Organizations: Middle East
Centers and organizations: North America
Centers and Organizations: Oceania
Centers and Organizations: South America





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