One of the activities of the Center for Intercultural Dialogue (CID) has been to acquire grant funding and distribute it to Communication scholars who are members of any of the member associations of the Council of Communication Associations (CCA being the parent organization of CID) for research-related travel. In 2012, the National Communication Association set aside $5000 to be spent in microgrants to be distributed by the Center, so 5 travel grants were made available to NCA members. Reports describing those projects are available. In 2013, the Association for Business Communication also set aside funds for microgrants distributed by the Center, and 3 were awarded to ABC members, and those reports are available as well. As other grants are available directly from the Center, information will be announced. To view all posts relating to all microgrants, specific information about Fulbright awards (one specific type of funding available primarily to academics), including a series of posts describing their experiences by people who have held Fulbrights, or all other individual posts on grants, click on the relevant link.

There are many sources of funding available to scholars at all levels who wish to travel internationally for research-related purposes. Some of those possibilities are listed below.


Agneta och Gunnar Nilsson Stipendium for Studier av Interkulturella Relationer / Agneta and Gunnar Nilsson Scholarship for the Study of Intercultural Relations
Scholarship for a Swedish student to study intercultural relations.

Alexander S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation
The program is intended exclusively for non-Greeks: members of national academies, university professors at all levels holding a doctorate, post-doctorate researchers, post-graduate students and doctoral candidates, artists, and teachers, in both primary and secondary education, of Greek language, literature, history and culture.

Alexander von Humboldt Foundation
Promotes academic cooperation between scholars and those in the rest of the world by funding collaborative research projects in Germany (for non-Germans) or elsewhere (for Germans).

Alfa Fellowship Program
Each year offers up to 18 accomplished young Americans, Britons, and Germans the opportunity to complete a high-level professional development program in Russia.

Alliance of Civilization International Fellowships (United Nations)
The AoCIF program educates emerging North American, European, Middle Eastern, and North African leaders on the importance of international cooperation, and encourages them to collaborate on a range of international and domestic policy challenges.

American Association of Colleges & Universities – Bringing Theory to Practice
AAC&U provides 3 levels of funding for campus projects: Proposals are requested for projects during 2012-2014 that will promote engaged learning, civic development and engagement, and psychosocial well-being of college and university students. We are especially interested in efforts that will enable students to have transformational educational experiences, and for institutions to transform and sustain their priorities and practices. Presumably study abroad projects would qualify, so long as activity occurs at a campus-wide  rather than individual level.

American Association of University Women
AAUW supports women who pursue graduate studies, as well as a variety of community action programs to support education for women. In addition, the the Eleanor Roosevelt Fund Award honors an individual, project, organization, or institution for outstanding contributions to equality and education for women and girls. The award is given for a broad range of activities including classroom teaching, education and research, and legal and legislative work in equality for women and girls.

American Council of Learned Societies
ACLS offers a variety of fellowships at varying levels; many are intended for research in Asia or Eastern Europe. For example, the Luce Foundation/ACLS Program in China Studies seeks to maintain the vitality of China studies in the United States through fellowships and grants primarily for scholars early in their careers (pre-dissertation research and postdoctoral fellowships) but there are also Collaborative Reading-Workshop Grants in this program. The Mellon/ACLS Community College Faculty Fellowships support the research ambitions of humanities and social science faculty who teach at two-year colleges. More broadly relevant may be their Collaborative Research Fellowships or their ACLS Public Fellows program.

American Councils for International Education
Administers a variety of cultural exchange, study abroad, and research programs with a focus on language and area studies.

American Institute for Indian Studies
Funding opportunities for pre- and post-doctoral scholars and artists in pursuit of knowledge about India.

American-Scandinavian Foundation
Fellowships and grants for individuals to pursue research or study in one or more Scandinavian country for up to one year.

American Spaces
Funded by the U.S. Department of State as part of the International Information Programs, American Spaces include: American Centers, American Corners, Binational Centers, and Information Resource Centers. Grant opportunities to fund some of these appear regularly, as for the Kyiv American Center Program in the Ukraine.

Anna Lindh Foundation (Egypt)
Offers grants for projects in the fields of Education for Intercultural Citizenship and  Intercultural Artistic Co-Productions that are built upon a 1+1 partnership formula with at least one partner from a Southern Mediterranean country and at least one partner from a European country.

Anne Frank Fonds (Switzerland)
Offers grants for Combating racism, anti-Semitism, prejudice and violence; Education of children and teenagers; Women’s and children’s rights; Dialogue across cultural, religious and ethnic boundaries; Promotion of peace; Holocaust survivors; and Refugee relief. Open to those in Switzerland or recommended by a Swiss institution.

Arts and Humanities Research Council (UK)
For collaborative research with scholars in the UK.

Asia Research Institute Singapore
ARI is part of the National University of Singapore, and offers a variety of fellowships at multiple levels.

ASIANetwork Freeman Foundation Student-Faculty Fellows Program for Collaborative Research in Asia
Allow faculty mentors to take up to five students to Asia to conduct research.

Association for Asian Studies
Has a wide range of grants available for members of that association, with a specific focus on research in China, Japan, and Korea.

Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication
AEJMC provides several types of grants to their members:
Senior Scholar Research Program
Emerging Scholars Research Grants
Knight News Challenge

Australia Endeavor Awards
Fellowships for graduate study and post-doctoral research for international scholars to study or conduct research in Australia for up to 3 years.

Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarships
Awards for U.S. undergraduate students who are receiving Federal Pell Grant funding at a two-year or four-year college or university to participate in study abroad programs worldwide.

Blakemore Freeman Fellowships
To fund a year of advanced language study abroad for college graduates using an East or Southeast Asian language in their careers.

British Academy
Visiting Scholars: Early career post-doctoral fellowships for 2-6 months of collaborative research with a UK host. Other awards also available for a wide variety of projects in the humanities and social sciences.

British Council – Science Research Funding
Supports new links between early stage researchers in the UK and elsewhere; opportunities for funding exchange visits or networking conferences.

Canadian government – Inter-Action: Multiculturalism Funding Program
Supports the socio-economic integration of individuals and communities and helps them to contribute to building an integrated, socially-cohesive society through events and projects.

Carnegie Foundation for International Peace
Junior Fellows Program pays new college graduates to work with Carnegie Fellows for 1 year.

Center for Khmer Studies Fellowships
Short and long-term fellowships for either dissertation and post-dissertation research in Cambodia (or Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Burma, Southern China, if some research is in Cambodia).

Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation for International Scholarly Exchange
Provides research grants for up to 2 years, or a year’s support for faculty or post-doctoral research on Chinese studies in the humanities and social sciences, also for conferences and workshops. Priority is given to collaborative projects with scholars in Taiwan.

China-United States Journalists Exchange
The All-China Journalists Association, the Better Hong Kong Foundation and the East-West Center jointly launched the 1st China-United States Journalists Exchange in 2010 to increase and deepen public understanding of the two countries and their relationship.  The program offers opportunities for six to seven Chinese journalists to travel to the United States and six to seven U.S. journalists to travel to China each year.

Winston Churchill Memorial Trust (UK)
Churchill Fellowships permit UK citizens to expand professional and personal horizons and, crucially, make a difference to communities and professions across the UK. Covers international travel for 2 months, including conference fees as relevant. Eligible categories include Education, and Migration among others. The Australian Trust and New Zealand Trust fund Churchill Fellows from those countries.

Cole Foundation (Canada)
Funds intercultural conversations through theatre grants to ensure Montrealers have a greater awareness of the voices and stories from and about its diverse cultures and communities.

Commonwealth Foundation
Awards funding for sustainable development projects that contribute to effective, responsive and accountable governance with civil society participation. “Cultural respect and understanding” is one of their major themes.

Council of American Overseas Research Centers
Manages research scholarships and fellowships for member centers, including multi-country research, intensive summer language institutes and others.

Dale G. Leathers Memorial Fund to Promote Communication Studies in Emerging Democracies
Small annual grant to encourage communication studies in emerging democracies.

East-West Center
A variety of journalism fellowships and exchanges for working American and Asia Pacific journalists promote understanding of the complexities of the Asia Pacific region through study tours.

Economic and Social Research Council
ESRC provides Collaborative Visiting Scholarships between British scholars and those in the Americas.

Researchers who want to work on data available at GESIS may apply for support to access EUROLAB for a period of one month at its research lab in Cologne, Germany. Applications open several times each year.

European Cultural Foundation
ECF offers STEP (Supporting Travel for European Projects) Beyond travel grants to applicants between 18 and 35 so that artists and cultural workers can move across national borders to meet peers, exchange views, inspire each other and create new partnerships.

Ford Foundation International Fellowships
For post-graduate study, supports individuals from marginalized social groups, and encourages them to use their leadership skills and knowledge to work toward positive social change in their home communities and countries (international, not US based).

FORTE: Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare
FORTE provides grants for research and travel on such topics as international migration and ethnic relations, work organization, and family and children.

French-American Foundation
Funds a variety of academic and cultural exchanges between US and France.

Fulbright Program
Sponsored by the United States Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, the Fulbright Program provides funding for students, scholars, teachers, and professionals to undertake graduate study, advanced research, university teaching, and teaching in elementary and secondary schools. Since Fulbrights are such an obvious grant for international travel related to teaching and research, descriptions of some Communication scholars who have been awarded Fulbrights are posted here, and information about applying for next year is posted here.

Fulbright-Hayes Group Projects Abroad Program
Provides grants to support overseas projects in training, research, and curriculum development in modern foreign languages and area studies for teachers, students, and faculty engaged in a common endeavor. Projects may include short-term seminars, curriculum development, group research or study, or advanced intensive language programs.

Fyssen Foundation
Post Doctoral Study Grants on topics related to cognition for 1-2 years of research in France.

German Academic Exchange Service
A publicly funded independent organization of higher education institutions in Germany; provides information as well as financial support to undergraduate and graduate students and faculty for research and/or study in Germany. Includes the Humboldt Research Fellowships (for post-doctoral study in Germany), TransCoop Program (for collaborative research between German, Canadian and US scholars), and Humboldt Research Awards (for senior scholars to do research in Germany).

German Marshall Fund of the US
Supports a variety of grants, fellowships and exchange programs between Germany and the US.

GrffinHarte Foundation
Accept applications for small grants from individuals exploring civility and/or the ways their research contributes to an understanding of civility, civil discourses, and civil practices.  Also looking for interns and bloggers.

Hayward R. Alker Postdoctoral Fellowship
The center will provide a stipend, office space, USC library privileges, health insurance, $1,000 each towards moving and research expenses, and computer support. CIS invites applications from scholars who specialize in international relations and political science.

Institute for International Education
Manages undergraduate and graduate level scholarships at accredited academic institutions throughout the world. IIE implements many of the world’s most prestigious scholarship programs and manages global scholarships through a network of domestic and international offices. Includes Fulbright Program and Gilman Scholarships funded by the US Department of State.

Institute of Current World Affairs
Offers Donor’s Fellowships for self-designed, independent study abroad for a minimum of two years. Topics and areas of study are unrestricted, but will not support degree programs at universities. John O. Crane Memorial Fellowship  for those interested in projects based in Central and Eastern Europe or the Middle East. John Miller Musser Memorial Forest & Society Fellowships for those with graduate degrees in forestry or forest-related specialties, to broaden their understanding of the relationship of forest resource problems to humans, including policy makers, environmentalists, farmers, scientists, and forest-product industrialists.

Inter-Action: Multiculturalism Funding Program
The Canadian government program supporting either community-based events, or long-term, multi-year community development and engagement projects, with the aim of fostering an integrated, socially-cohesive society.

InterExchange Foundation
Apply for funding to work and volunteer abroad, change communities and promote cultural understanding.

International Federation for University Women
Offers international fellowships and grants to women graduates for postgraduate research, study and training awards. May be used in any country other than the one in which the applicant was educated or habitually resides.

International Research and Exchanges Board
IREX provides funding for US scholars to do research in Eastern Europe and Eurasia, both at the graduate and post-doctoral level.

International Research Center for Japanese Studies
Offers a variety of short- and long-term research fellowships, whether for Visiting Research Scholar for an entire academic year, or a visiting fellowship for a shorter period.

Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership
CGP’s Grant Program supports Japan-U.S. collaborative policy-oriented projects through their Intellectual Exchange Program, Policy Fellows, Network for the Future, and other grants competitions. One of their funded projects involved an exchange of journalists through the East-West Center in Hawaii.

John F. Kennedy Library Foundation
Provides a number of scholarships for research relating to international topics, immigration, policy, etc.

Kaiser Family Foundation
Kaiser Media Internships in Health Reporting are available for early career journalists.

Laura Jane Musser Fund
Provides grants for projects designed to increase intercultural harmony.

Leverhulme Trust (UK)
Visiting Professorships enable distinguished academics based overseas to spend 3-10 months at a UK university. Visiting Fellowships enable post-doctoral researchers to visit the UK university for research and collaboration.

Lisle International Global Seed Grant Program
Small grants support innovative projects which improve intercultural understanding by bringing people of diverse backgrounds together to share, work together, and learn from one another.

Luso-American Development Foundation (FLAD) VISITING FELLOWS IN-KIND GRANT PROGRAM
Fundação Luso-Americana para o Desenvolvimento – FLAD) is opening its facilities to host up to eight fellows per semester. Eligibility is limited to professors and researchers from U.S. universities and research institutions. Candidates may apply for one semester or one academic year.

Mellon Fellowships for Dissertation Research in Original Sources
Council on Library and Information Resources awards these fellowships to support dissertation researchers for travel to wherever relevant sources may be, in the US or abroad.

Nakatomi Foundation
The Nakatomi Foundation in Japan seeks to maintain and promote good health by providing grants for scientific research relating to health promotion, and contribute to the realization of an energetic, affluent society. They fund grants for international exchanges for researchers in health science.

National Communication Association
NCA runs three annual grants competitions:
*Funds to Advance the Discipline: supporting projects and events that advance the discipline of communication.
*Public Policy Working Groups: supporting public policy working groups that bring together teams of scholars to translate existing academic communication research into recommendations that can inform and impact public policy.
*Dale G. Leathers Memorial Fund: supporting communication studies that benefit emerging democracies.

National Humanities Center
NHC is an institute for advanced study in North Carolina, giving out 40 residential fellowships per year for research projects in many areas.

NEA Foundation
Provides $2000 individual grants to faculty at public universities for specific projects, or $5000 to small collaborative groups.

National Endowment for the Humanities
NEH has multiple grant opportunities, including Fellowship Programs and Summer Stipends. Two NEH wide programs on topics that are particularly relevant to intercultural dialogue are the “Bridging Cultures” and “We the People” competitions. See their site for general details about both of these; see this post for the current call for fellowship applications in 2012 that focus on bridging cultures. See this call for details about grants available specifically for community colleges.

National Italian American Foundation
Scholarships and grants for Italian American students who demonstrate outstanding potential and high academic achievements, or students from any ethnic background majoring or minoring in Italian language, Italian studies, Italian American studies or a related field.

National Science Foundation Student Grants for International Research Experiences (IREX)
IREX supports active research participation by students enrolled as undergraduates or graduate students in any area of research funded by the NSF.

Newton International Fellowships
Provides support for 2 years of collaborative research with a UK host; includes humanities and social sciences.

Obama Foundation Fellowships
Designed to support outstanding civic innovators from around the world in order to amplify the impact of their work and to inspire a wave of civic innovation. Also: Obama Foundation Scholars, who earn a Master of Arts degree at the University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy through a one-of-a-kind scholarship that includes access to exceptional experiences outside the classroom with the Obama Foundation.

On the Move
Provides information and tips on how and where to find funding for mobility as an artist, a cultural professional and/or a cultural organisation.

Open Society Foundations
Offers grants, scholarships and fellowships, of which several are particular appropriate to Communication researchers: Audience Engagement grants, Freedom of Communication in the Digital Environment grants, and Global Debates grants.

Phi Kappa Phi
Provides Study Abroad Grants to help support undergraduates as they seek knowledge and experience in their academic fields by studying abroad.

New Zealand based website providing information on fellowships of all sorts. Their definition of fellowships: “funding for short-term projects, graduate study, and opportunities to live and work abroad.”
Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting
The Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting provides travel grants to cover hard costs associated with upcoming travel for an international reporting project. Our ideal project offers print, photography, radio, and video. Specific grants for global health topics, for student journalists, and for non-native English speaking journalists.

Pam Laird Research Grant
The Mercurians, a Special Interest Group of the Society for the History of Technology (SHOT), provide a grant of US$1,000 to defray the cost of travel and housing to use an archival collection for research on an aspect of the history of communication technology.

Rita Allen Foundation
Supports science and civil society generally to improve human health, democracy, and understanding. Specifically, funds new ideas and approaches in the field of civic engagement. Several programs relate to media and journalism.

Robert Bosch Cultural Managers in the Arab World
A cooperative endeavor of the Robert Bosch Stiftung and the Goethe-Institut to send 2 German residents to institutions in the Arab world each year. Robert Bosch Cultural Managers are offered fellowships and are tasked, through cultural events and other opportunities to socialize, with expanding the information on offer and supporting the German-Arab dialog.

Rotary International
Rotary Peace Fellows are chosen from countries and cultures around the globe based on their ability to have a significant, positive impact on world peace and conflict resolution during their careers. Fellows can earn either a master’s degree in international relations, public administration, sustainable development, peace studies, conflict resolution, or a related field, or a professional development certificate in peace and conflict resolution. Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarships fund an academic year abroad for undergraduate and graduate students as well as for qualified professionals pursuing vocational studies. Rotary Youth Exchange students spend up to a year living with host families and attending school in a different country.

Scripps Howard Foundation
Provides scholarships and internship grants to undergraduates studying journalism; provides fellowships to international journalists pursuing a master’s degree at Columbia University.

SCOPES (Scientific Co-Operation Between Eastern Europe and Switzerland)
The SCOPES programme of the SNSF and the SDC is aimed at research groups and institutions in Switzerland and Eastern Europe who would like to launch a research co-operation. The current programme phase 2013-2016 is endowed with a budget of CHF 16 million and comprises five different funding schemes. The funding per project depends on the number of Eastern European partners.

Social Science Research Council
Funded by the Japan Foundation, SSRC’s Abe Fellowships promote deeply contextualized cross-cultural research between the US and Japan. There are specific Abe Fellowships for Journalists. Other grant competitions include: Grants for Collaborative Research on Environment and Health in China, and Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowships (designed for senior faculty to identify potential research fields for groups of graduate students). In addition, there are Negotiating Agreement in Congress Grants, funded by The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.

Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations
SHAFR offers a variety of research fellowships and travel awards for historians- these should be available to journalism historians as well as other types.

Stanford Humanities Center External Faculty Fellowships
The Stanford Humanities Center provides a collegial environment for faculty who are undertaking innovative projects in the humanities and humanistic social sciences.  Fellows participate in the intellectual life of the Humanities Center and the broader Stanford community, sharing ideas and work in progress with a diverse cohort of scholars and benefitting from a wide variety of campus resources.

Study Abroad AIFS (American Institute for Foreign Studies)
Provides scholarships to undergraduates for both summer and semester study abroad programs.

Swiss National Science Foundation
SNSF funds international short visits allowing researchers working in Switzerland to go abroad or for researchers from elsewhere to go to Switzerland. The visits can last between one week and three months and are limited to one person (the visiting fellow) going to one institute (the host institute).

Thomas J. Watson Foundation
A one-year grant for independent study and travel outside the US awarded to graduating college seniors from participating institutions.

Title XIII Grant Program (US Department of State) Funding for research and language training to American scholars and students for the study of Eastern Europe and Eurasia

Travelocity’s Travel for Good program covers $5000 for US residents to travel for the purpose of volunteering in another country.

Trust for Mutual Understanding
The Trust for Mutual Understanding awards grants to American nonprofit organizations to support the international travel component of cultural and environmental exchanges conducted in partnership with institutions and individuals in Russia and Central and Eastern Europe. Priority consideration is given to projects that involve direct, in-depth professional interaction, with the potential for sustained collaboration; that show evidence of professional accomplishment and innovation; and/or that respond to social contexts and engage local communities.

Turkey-EU Intercultural Dialogue (ICD) Grant Scheme
Targeting at enhancement of intercultural dialogue between civil societies in Turkey and Europe in the area of culture and art, along with collaboration, development and implementation of long term multinational / multilateral joint cultural initiatives and communication and promotion activities.

United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
Provides major grants for conflict mitigation, peace, and reconciliation through the implementation of people-to-people activities in selected eligible conflict-affected countries.

U.S. Embassy Tokyo Public Affairs Section (PAS) Public Diplomacy Small Grants Program
Funds projects to strengthen cultural ties between the U.S. and Japan through cultural and exchange programming. 

US-Indonesian Society
In addition to several Fellows programs, USINDO awards grants of up to $2,000 to fund travel to Indonesia or to the United States to promote academic and professional exchanges between the two countries.

US-Ireland Alliance
Mitchell Scholars are chosen for one year of postgraduate study in any discipline offered by institutions of higher learning in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

US Institute of Peace
USIP grants support peacebuilding projects managed by non-profits. Their fellowships “support cutting-edge research, writing, analysis and convening by emerging and leading international experts from many disciplinary and professional backgrounds,” as well as dissertations on topics related to international conflict management and peacebuilding.

US-Japan Foundation
The United States-Japan Foundation offers grants in the areas of pre-college education, communication/public opinion, and US-Japan policy studies. In addition, the US-Japan Leadership Program develops a network among the next generation of leaders in the two countries.

Volkswagen Foundation (Germany)
The Volkswagan Foundation offers post-doctoral fellowships in the humanities for residencies in either Germany or the US, as well as some other funding options.

Waterhouse Family Institute
WFI is based at Villanova University, and holds an annual grants competition WFI was founded on the principle that the study and practice of communication is inherently connected to issues of ethics and social justice, and that properly understood, communication is central to the creation of positive social change.

Wenner-Gren Foundation
Wenner-Gren’s International Collaborative Research Grants are designed to support exactly the sort of projects that the Center for Intercultural Dialogue is designed to facilitate!

Woodrow Wilson Center
The Wilson Center invites scholars, practitioners, journalists and public intellectuals to take part in its flagship Fellowship Program and to take advantage of the opportunity to engage actively in the Center’s national mission. The Center awards approximately 20-22 residential fellowships through its annual international fellowship competition. Fellows will be affiliated with one of the Wilson Center programs/projects and are encouraged to interact with policy makers in Washington, D.C. as well as with Wilson Center staff who are working on similar research and topics.

There are also grants specifically designed to encourage collaborative research once relationships have been established with international scholars. For example, Hong Kong has a set of grants available specifically for collaborative research projects with scholars in mainland China, the US, Germany, France, Spain, Netherlands or the UK.

NOTE: NCA’s Request for Proposal Tracker is a good, broad general resource for grants relevant to Communication scholars.

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