What we do

The Center for Intercultural Dialogue (CID) facilitates intercultural dialogues through helping scholars learn about the work of international peers, locate researchers with similar interests in other countries, or collaborate for research purposes. Specifically:

CID applies for funding and then distributes micro grants for cultural research to Communication scholars so they can travel in order to develop, or take advantage of existing, international research connections. These will typically be small, designed to serve as an incentive for universities to provide matching grants. The Center also maintains databases of grants opportunities from other sources, as well as international collaborative research opportunities and projects. If you want a grant, read our list; if you want a colleague from another country, send us a description of the perfect partner.

CID serves as a clearinghouse for Communication scholars interested in a variety of topics supporting research into intercultural dialogue as well as intercultural research and collaboration more generally, including maintaining lists of related Centers and organizations, associations, blogs, podcasts and videotapes. If you have information to be added to one of these, please send in that information. The Center maintains databases of opportunities for international travel (including international conferences, international teaching opportunities, and study abroad opportunities for students). If you offer such a possibility, please send us details for posting.

CID publishes Key Concepts in Intercultural Dialogue, and keeps track of publications by others on intercultural dialogue and related topics. If you have published something relevant, please send in the citation and we will add it.

Researcher Profiles
CID posts profiles of researchers with interests in intercultural dialogue and related matters. If you are traveling or need a collaborator, review our lists. If you wish to be added, please submit a profile for review.

Posts about Intercultural Dialogue
CID posts insights on intercultural dialogue issues by a variety of scholars, with a focus on direct observation of interactions between members of different cultural groups. If you have a brief discussion you would like to see appear on the site, please submit it for review.

Social Media
CID has a social media presence including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Google Plus, as well as an entry in Wikipedia.

On rare occasions, CID co-sponsors events, such as the Roundtable on Intercultural Dialogue in Asia, held at the University of Macau in March 2014. A short video documenting that event has been posted to the CID YouTube channel.

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