The core mission of the Center for Intercultural Dialogue is to help scholars interested in intercultural dialogue connect with international colleagues studying similar topics. Until the Center is funded, there is no support for such projects. However, one critical step is to show the ways in which international scholars are already connecting as part of collaborative research projects. This page is intended to serve as a beginning point, describing projects on intercultural dialogue topics that involve international collaborative research. You may either use the comment function to post information about a specific project or you may email the same information to to have it posted for you.

Dialogue in Cross-cultural Perspective – Donal Carbaugh (USA), Xinmei Ge (China), David Boromisza-Habashi (Hungarian), Elena Khatskevich Nuciforo (Russian), Saila Poutiainen (Finland), Makato Saito (Japan), Dong-shin Shin (Korea)

Cross-cultural Research with Children – primary researchers: Brenda Berkelaar (USA), Lorraine Kisselburgh (USA), Patrice Buzzanell (USA); worked with Wufeng Tan (China), Yiwen Shen (China), Steven Eggermont (Belgium), Abrar Hammoud (USA), Rebecca Dohrman (USA), and others.

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