Podcasts and Videos

The Center for Intercultural Dialogue serves as a clearinghouse in multiple ways; one is to provide links to sites that publish podcasts or videos on topics related to intercultural dialogue. A few examples are shown below – please email suggestions for others, providing links to web sites.

Black Violin. (2015). Stereotypes. VEVO. (A wonderful demonstration of how to destroy stereotypes by playing against typecasting.)

Newton, T. (2011). Embracing otherness, embracing myself. July 2011, TEDGlobal2011.

TV2 All that We Share (Denmark)

Migration Matters (Germany) produces “bite-sized video courses” on migration topics.

Absolutely Intercultural (Denmark and Germany based)

Adichie, C.N. (2009). The danger of a single story. July 2009, TEDGlobal2009, Oxford.


Bautista, Adrian. (2012). So where’s home? A firm about third culture kid identity. Senior Thesis, Georgetown University.

Close Up: Empowering a community through Participatory Action Research (Uganda)

Fabrica (Italy) hosted the workshop “Peace and Intercultural Dialogue”, held by Todd St. John founder of NYC-based HunterGatherer March 30-April 2, 2010. The goal was for participants to create a video-based project relevant to UNESCO’s “Peace and Intercultural Dialogue” initiative. Projects were designed to connect people to each other, and seek ways to create and share individual experiences through video. Participants were asked to consider formal means by which video can function as more than a one-way medium, and to ask: How can the process of making the video manifest itself in the final form? Several animations were produced and posted, including Peace and Intercultural Dialogue

Global Voices
(Amsterdam, Netherlands based)

Interculture TV (Germany)

Lifeswap (produced in New Zealand, documenting differences between NZ and German cultural norms in a series of animated videos)

Near FM: Culture Shots: Intercultural Dialogue through Community Media (Ireland)

The Global Mom Show (USA)

Uncertainties & Epiphanies: Making Multiculturalism (Canada)

Zukar (Germany from the perspective of a Syrian refugee, Firas Alshater)

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