One of the Center’s main project is to obtain funding and develop a mechanism to distribute micro grants for cultural research to Communication scholars so they can travel in order to develop, or take advantage of existing, international research connections. “Micro” means funding under $2000; “grants” means awards will be gifts, not loans; “cultural” suggests not only topics in intercultural communication will be appropriate but any research on culture in the broad sense so long as it entails communication between members of two or more cultural groups; “research” means not only engaging in research, but also establishing the necessary prerequisites for it, including acquiring knowledge of a geographic area and the languages and cultures of the people living there, and establishing professional connections with scholars living in a given area or studying it. As the Center exists under the auspices of the Council of Communication Associations, anyone who belongs to any of the member associations typically will be eligible to apply for funding. As such funding is acquired, information about how to apply for grants is posted to this site, and also advertised through the relevant member associations. The most recent sets of micro-grants was funded through NCA and ABC and thus available only to their members; details are available under micro grants.

In addition, the Center serves as a clearinghouse for Communication scholars interested in a variety of topics supporting research into intercultural dialogue as well as intercultural research and collaboration more generally. Thus CID posts researcher profiles for scholars and practitioners involved in topics related to intercultural dialogue around the world. CID also provides a series of databases: for publications and other resources on intercultural dialogue, international conferences, international teaching opportunities for faculty, and study abroad opportunities for students, as well as lists of other centers/associations, blogsonline exhibits, and podcasts on related topics. Since this site is hosted by WordPress, these pages have been set up so that the databases are editable. Simply post the relevant information to the appropriate page as a comment, or send it in to intercultural.dialogue AT and ask to have it added to the relevant list.

As well, job ads for either positions outside the USA or those specifically related to intercultural dialogue within the USA may be posted. And specific activities that may be of general interest are gathered together under the following categories:

Collaborative opportunities
Publication opportunities

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