Sara DeTurk


Sara DeTurk is an associate professor of communication at the University of Texas at San Antonio. Her research focuses on dialogue, identity (especially whiteness), alliances across difference, and social change activism. Her doctoral dissertation (Arizona State University, 2004) was a phenomenological study of an intergroup dialogue program. She also holds an M.Ed. in international education and a B.A. in psychology. Her publications include the following:

DeTurk, S. (2011). Allies in action: The communicative experiences of people who challenge social injustice on behalf of others. Communication Quarterly, 59 (5), 1-21.

DeTurk, S. (2011). “I need to know”:  Conditions that encourage and constrain intercultural dialogue.  Journal of Intergroup Relations, 35 (1), 37-60.

DeTurk, S. (2010). “Quit whining and tell me about your experiences!”:  (In)tolerance, pragmatism, and muting in intergroup dialogue. In R. T. Halualani & T. K. Nakayama (Eds.), The Handbook of Critical Intercultural Communication. Malden, MA: Wiley-Blackwell.

DeTurk, S., &  Foster, E. (2008). Dialogue about dialogue:  Investigating intersubjectivity in interview research. Qualitative Research Journal, 8 (2), 14-27.

DeTurk, S. (2006).  The power of dialogue:  Consequences of intergroup dialogue and their implications for agency and alliance building.  Communication Quarterly, 54, 33-51.

DeTurk, S. (2005).  “When I was white”:  Semiosis of whiteness, race, and sociocultural diversity in contemporary U.S. culture.  Journal of Intergroup Relations, 32 (1), 40-60.

Broome, B. J., DeTurk, S., Kristjansdottir, E., Kanata, T., & Ganesan, P. (2002).  Giving voice to diversity: An interactive approach to conflict management and decision-making in culturally diverse work environments.  Journal of Business and Management, 8 (3), 1-26.

DeTurk, S. (2001).  Intercultural empathy:  Myth, competency, or possibility for alliance building?  Communication Education, 50 (4), 374-384.

She is currently conducting ethnographic research on a social change organization in San Antonio.

Author: Center for Intercultural Dialogue

Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz, the Director of the Center for Intercultural Dialogue, manages this website.

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